Welcome to the world of magic!


 With this site I hope to introduce you to all the disciplines of magic. Stage magic, Mental magic and Close up or Street magic. You will see some the best magic routines ever performed and some of the best magicians in the world performing them. You will be able to learn about the history of magic. Dating back to ancient Egypt, and even learn how to do magic with a live streaming school of magic. Once a month I will teach you one magic trick just for visiting this site. You can also view some of the old advertising posters used by the magicians in the days of old. In the days of great magicians, like Houdini, used posters as the main way to spread the word about a magician and his shows. Many are considered works of art now.


  • Magic Theater: The Magic Theater is were you can view some of the best magic in the world. It will be divided into 3 types of magic. Stage magic, Close up magic and Mentalism. It is there for those of you who just want to enjoy watching some great and famous magic routines. You can also watch my animated magic series, The Wizard.
  • Magician Of The Month: Each month I will pick a magician to show case. You can watch video of them doing what he/she is best at. I will also try to provide schedules of up coming performances.
  • History of Magic: Here you can learn all about the history of magic. Things like the first recorded magic trick in ancient Eygpt. How magic was used in ancient times and how magic has been used to win wars.
  • The School of Magic: I will personally show you some very good and easy to learn magic tricks to amaze your friends and family. We may even have some guest teachers at the school. 


     There is something here for anyone who likes magic! I hope that you have fun here regardless if you just want to watch magic, learn about its origins or learn how to do magic. Enjoy yourself and please leave me a comment telling me about your experience here. Suggestions are always welcome. Treat each other how you would like to be treated and the world will be a wonderful place for us all!



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